Booking an Appointment
Your session can be reserved by contacting me personally by phone or email. Sessions are typically conducted on location. Payment of a non-refundable booking fee of $100 will be made by cash, check, or online and is due AT the time of reservation. This booking fee goes towards to total session fee.

If you must cancel your appointment, doing so at least 24 hours in advance will allow your retainer to be refunded or your appointment to be rescheduled. Cancellation less than 24 hours before your scheduled time or failure to show for your appointment will result in forfeiture of this retainer (including certificates/vouchers used for retainer).

Returning clients shall have completed their portrait orders prior to booking additional appointments. If necessary we can arrange a deposit in the event that portrait sessions run exceptionally close together (as in maternity and newborn images).


Session fee
This fee covers our time for the session, image preparation and personal service to the client… Some prints or print credits are included depending on the package. Additional prints are separate from the cost of the portraits you select. There may also be a travel fee associated if your session is held outside of Humble, Atascocita, or Kingwood area.


Your Session (maternity, infants, 1 and under)
Your session is expected to take less than an hour, but up to 2 hours are reserved for you so that you never feel rushed and have time for feeding, changing, comforting. I allow time and privacy for those occasions. Sessions may take place indoors or outdoors, and we don’t schedule more than two sessions per day so that we can focus on you.
Each session is intended for one main subject (person) and may include poses with additional people (mother and child, mother and dad) – but please do not bring more than 2 additional persons to your session. It is much easier to get great portraits if there is a relaxed atmosphere, so please do not invite anyone along who may distract or make you feel uncomfortable.
As this time has been reserved exclusively for you, clients more than 15 minutes late will render the session cancelled, so please call if there is a problem.


Style and color of clothes
Suggestions for clothing will be given upon booking.  The basic idea is to look and feel comfortable while coordinating (but not exact matching) with the others in the portrait!


Portrait viewing
Your images will be ready for presenting in about two week. An online presentation of your proofs will be arranged and will be viewable. 


Ordering Prints
Payment is due the day you place the order. This payment is non-refundable as these are custom items that you are ordering. Please be prepared to place your order within a few days of the viewing. Prints may take up to 2 weeks to be delivered, but the print company we use typically takes only 2 days once the full order has been placed.

Your order is encouraged in the first few days after your proof presentation:

  • 30 days after your session, client files/paperwork are archived. All of your images require reprocessing once archived, so orders, initial and reorders, after this time are subject to a reprocessing fee.
  • Specials, discounts, giveaways, contests are valid only for 30 days after your session, unless otherwise noted. After this time, your order is subject to the current pricing and policies, including any reprocessing fees.
  • The session images collection can be purchased at a discount according to your order total and are available only for 30 days at the initial order.
  • Price and policies at the time of your session/booking are in effect for 30 days after the session. Any order after 30 days from your session will fall under the current pricing schedule and policies.


Receive and pay for order
Order is to be paid in full before receiving photos. I accept cash, online credit card payment, and personal checks at my discretion (photos may be held until your check clears).

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